Net toys

Useful resources for the HTML/CGI developer. These first three are designed to be used as the action in a HTML form.

TipJar form tester

Test your forms, tipjar cookies, and current IP address with the TipJar form tester. This script shows you the CGI environment variables, the query string or POST input in its encoding and splits query strings up into key-value pairs which are displayed in a table. Very helpful for debugging HTML/CGI systems whenever you're not sure if the problem is in the form, the browser, or the script. Version 1.1 now translates all & characters into & to avoid browser interpretation of query strings. Version 1.2 includes a "DEPAQUED" column, that does
s/+/ /g; s/%(..)/pack("c",hex($1))/ge;
on the data values.

TipJar generic form handler

CGI from data into your mailbox even if the user hasn't properly set up their outgoing e-mail! No longer do you have to hassle with configuring your own cgi-bin running web server; use the TipJar generic CGI data handler for collecting visitor data on your web site, or even handling production queries. The demonstration page contains a working mail-to form.

xlHtml uploader

View your excel-format data in HTML.

interactive gnuplot style tweaker

And once you've freed your data from those inscrutable proprietary formats, you can graph it with gnuplot.
This one has been down for longer than it was up. The google charts api looks like a good solid replacement.


This trivial script redirects the user to the first hypertext url given in get-style form data.

or use this blank to to a web page when you click on "go."

locatomatic source code

TipJar playing cards

Write card games in CGI form without doing intensive graphics file development with this eclectic deck of found and constructed playing cards.

fuller explanation

the whole deck, may take a while to download

If everyone uses these card images for their games, you will only need to load them once and then they will be in your web browser or proxy's cache, saving bandwidth.


a utility to decode a base-64 encoded attachment and return it as a web page

TipJar Authenticated Identity Service

a working public single login service, suitable for use by any web application.

feature matrix tool

build a feature matrix in a HTML table