Reviewed by Dan Lybarger

February 19, 1998

Marlon Wayans can contort his face and body into such bizarre shapes that it almost seems as if his skeleton was made of rubber instead of bone. Itís too bad he decided to waste his talent for warping himself on a weak comedy like Senseless. Wayans plays an ambitious but impoverished college student (how about selling that gold chain, buddy?) who takes an experimental drug that heightens his senses with only sporadically amusing results. Nobody needs expanded senses to tell where the storyline is going, and many of the gags are mind numbingly obvious. There are moldy, stereotypical jokes about gays and some wisecracks that are so lame even the eternally caustic David Spade canít do much with them. Matthew Lillard (Scream) has some funny bits as a body-piercing fanatic, but for the most part Senseless is guaranteed to dull all five senses (R). Rating: 3.


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