Rush Hour

Reviewed by Dan Lybarger

September 28, 1998

For those who love Hong Kong star Jackie Chan but hate the excruciatingly awful dub jobs that accompany most American releases of his movies, Rush Hour is a real treat. The film is a routine action comedy about a no-nonsense Chinese cop who is teamed with a flaky Los Angeles detective (Chris Tucker). The two battle a gang of Chinese thugs and an uncooperative FBI to rescue a kidnapped girl. Director Brett Ratner (Money Talks) thankfully understands what makes Chan's Chinese flicks work: the star's comic athleticism and ingratiating charm. With Chan onboard, the hyperactive Tucker seems funnier and less grating. The action scenes generally deliver, and the supporting cast (including Philip Baker Hall from Boogie Nights and The Full Monty's Tom Wilkinson) is remarkably good. Rush Hour takes little effort to predict, but it's also easy to enjoy. (PG-13) Rating: 6


Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan reach for big laughs in Rush Hour.
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