The Parent Trap

Reviewed by Dan Lybarger

July 30, 1998

In this agreeable if not overwhelming remake of the 1961 Disney live action flick, Lindsay Lohan plays a pair of twins who have been separated since their parents' divorce. When the two meet at summer camp, they trade places in order to force Mom (Natasha Richardson from Nell) and Dad (Dennis Quaid) to meet again. While the more recent adaptation has a stronger emphasis on physical humor, there really isn't much that's new here, and writers Nancy Meyers and Charles Shyer (the Steve Martin Father of the Bride remakes) might want to brush up on their Queen's English (not many Brits say the word "tush" when they mean "bum"). Nonetheless, young Lohan is terrific, possessing a range that's surprising wide. The grown-ups are pretty good, too. The scenery (one of the settings is a California vineyard) is gorgeous, and there are enough mild laughs to keep this thing interesting, even if it has been done several times before (PG). Rating: 7




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