A Night at the Roxbury

Reviewed by Dan Lybarger

October 2, 1998

Like a lot of movies built around Saturday Night Live stars, A Night at the Roxbury often feels padded and redundant. When it works, the movie is as dopey as its protagonists, Steve and Doug Butabi (Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan) but still manages to be funny. The Butabis are club-hopping siblings who don't let their stupidity or their lack of any discernable skills get in the way of their dreams of being swingers or getting into elite night spots. The cast is uneven. Richard Grieco is flat (which is pretty bad for an actor playing himself), but Ferrell and Kattan prove to be terrific physical comics. The two make even such seemingly lifeless places as elevators or delivery vans funky. Fellow SNL player Molly Shannon steals the show as a woman with an inexplicable crush on Steve. A Night at the Roxbury is not great cinema, but it makes one less afraid of being a fool on the dance floor. (PG-13) Rating: 5




No one is afraid to be a fool in A Night at the Roxbury.
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