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Pitch Weekly-Film Reviews


For the past four years, I have been a regular contributor for this Kansas City newspaper. For the scoop on the movies playing in KC, this is the place to be.


Jeremy Northam Interview


Jeremy Northam is an up and coming British actor who is currently best known for his performance as Mr. Knightley in Douglas McGrath's Emma. In the article, Mr. Northam discusses his work in Mimic and his forthcoming appearance in Steven Spielberg's Amistad.

This article originally appeared in Pitch. The web site that currently features it provides a filmography, biographical information, and even a chat room. This page is a must for fans.


Harry Knowles Interview


Harry Knowles is the proprietor of His site provides details about films that studios would rather keep secret.

This article originally appeared in Pitch. The web site that currently contains my article is the best place to look for information on Mr. Knowles. It is quite comprehensive and reveals as much about Knowles as he has revealed about Hollywood.


Agnieszka Holland Interview


Ms. Holland is the Oscar-nominated director of Europa Europa, The Secret Garden, and the recent film Washington Square. In addition to being a gifted filmmaker, she's also a fascinating person.

This article originally appeared in Pitch Weekly. The site where it currently appears also gives biographical information on the director and a complete filmography.


Coming Soon:

Mel Brooks Interview

This man needs no introduction. In this interview, he explains why Buster Keaton has been a huge influence on his career.

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