Unless indicated, the following interviews have appeared in Pitch Weekly from 1996 to 1998.

Beauchamp on Frances Marion

Biographer Cari Beauchamp discusses her award-winning look at the legendary screenwriter Frances Marion.


Peter Weir

The acclaimed Australian director who brought us Witness and Dead Poets Society forces Jim Carrey to play it straight in The Truman Show.

Mel Brooks

This man needs no introduction. In this interview, he explains why Buster Keaton has been a huge influence on his career.*


Exploitation Film Festival

Every year the Kansas City, Kansas Public library hosts a bad movie festival. Last year's festival was devoted to the joys of exploitation movies from the 30's to the 50's. Click here to find out how people got snookered into seeing some really cheesy flicks.


Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Click here to read about what it was like to grow up with a famous father and how to make it on your own.

By the way, he's also fond of Buster Keaton. Mr. Fairbanks even produced a now legendary TV-movie that starred Buster.*


Alex Graves

Alex Graves is a promising young director whose first two efforts include The Crude Oasis and Casualties.


The Red Shoes Turns 50

Click here to learn how one of the most beloved films of all time was made. This article includes first hand recollections from star Moira Shearer and cinematographer Jack Cardiff.


 Agnieszka Holland

The Oscar-nominated director of Europa Europa and The Secret Garden shares her uniquely contemporary view on Henry James' Washington Square.


Kamin on Keaton and Chaplin

Dan Kamin taught Robert Downey, Jr. how to imitate the master's routines in Chaplin. Click here to read why Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin still make audiences laugh.


Leonard Maltin

Click here to learn why Entertainment Tonight's Leonard Maltin is so fond of Buster Keaton.


Shepard on De Mille

David Shepard recently restored the silent films of Cecil B. De Mille for home video. Learn a little more about the man who gave us the Ten Commandments of cinema.


Waiting for Guffman

Christoper Guest's (This is Spinal Tap) low budgeted comedy was a surprise hit in Kansas City, playing there for five months. Find out why.

Dean Koontz

Click here to read about what the best-selling author has to say about the filming of his books.


* The (Buster) Keaton Chronicle


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