Iíll Be Home for Christmas

Reviewed by Dan Lybarger

November 13, 1998

Maybe Scrooge was on to something. Iíll Be Home for Christmas is a holiday-themed movie thatís appallingly short on laughs. Jonathan Taylor Thomas plays a conniver who must make it to upstate New York from California in two days so he can obtain a Porsche. Heíll have some difficulty because some thugs heís crossed have left him alone in the desert with no money. Heís also stuck in a Santa suit. Despite the holiday trimmings, the story is as moldy as last yearís egg nog. Despite his considerable pre-teen appeal, Thomas comes across as a spoiled snob and has no flair for wisecracks. If his career is ever going to grow, heís going to have to be better at reciting his lines and at reading his scripts (PG). Rating: 2









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