Reviewed by Dan Lybarger

January 21, 1998

Smokejumpers routinely risk their lives, so it's a shame there isn't a decent movie about them. Former gridiron star Howie Long plays a firefighter with several daunting challenges. He has to fight an enormous blaze, defend himself against a group of escaped convicts and rescue a captive ornithologist (Suzi Amis, in a role thatís a BIG step down from Titanic). Rookie director Dean Semler (who won an Oscar for his cinematography in Dances with Wolves) handles the flames and the scenery remarkably, but why he wasted his talents on this stupid, disjointed mess is a mystery. Scott Glenn duplicates the character he played in Backdraft (the author of this script appears to be Kinko's), but William Forsythe is effective as the psychotic who leads the jailbreak. Firestorm lacks much in the way of logic, originality and thrills, but it's not every day that a villain's face gets rammed through a boat and burned ( R ). Rating: 3.


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