A Cool, Dry Place

Reviewed by Dan Lybarger

November 6, 1998

The omnipresent Vince Vaughn (Clay Pigeons) gives his most accomplished performance to date as a former big-shot lawyer trying to juggle his flagging career, single fatherhood and a budding romance with a veterinarian's assistant (Joey Lauren Adams from Chasing Amy). Vaughn demonstrates a range not evident in some of his earlier roles. He effortlessly shifts from clowning around with his son (Bobby Moat) to wrestling with difficult decisions. While the movie deals with the issues of single parenthood in a believable manner, director John N. Smith's handling borders on pedestrian. The photography seems flat and indifferent. In addition, the film is almost sunk by Adams, who offers what may be the worst performance of the year. Her facial expressions are stiff and programmed, and her irritating voice sounds as if she were performing a bad Jennifer Tilly impersonation. (PG-13) Rating: 5


  Vince Vaughn give Joey Lauren Adams much needed acting lessons in A Cool, Dry Place.

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