Clay Pigeons

Reviewed by Dan Lybarger

October 2, 1998

Clay (Joaquin Phoenix) has to cover his tracks when his bitter best friend kills himself and sets up the scene so it looks like Clay did it. That's only the first two minutes of Clay Pigeons. As the film progresses, our hero's luck deteriorates as a series of killings continue to be pinned on him. Alternately amusing and creepy, Clay Pigeons suffers from some abrupt shifts in mood and an ending that tries to dodge clichés but ends up feeling flat. The movie is worth a look simply for Vince Vaughn's deft turn as a buffoonish but charming redneck with a homicidal streak. Janeane Garofalo is at her caustic best as a cynical FBI agent. Clay Pigeons also benefits from a quirky soundtrack, (Pat Boone songs actually sound good in this atmosphere.) The morbid subject matter makes this film an acquired taste, but those with strong stomachs and warped funny bones will be rewarded. (R) Rating: 7




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