Black Dog

Reviewed by Dan Lybarger

May 1, 1998

No one attends a movie like Black Dog expecting faultless logic, sophisticated banter or profound insights into the human condition. But damn it, you'd think there'd be better action! Most of the vehicle wrecks are as tepid and cliched as the story. What there is of one concerns a financially strapped former trucker (Patrick Swayze) who gets hoodwinked into hauling a truckload of illegal assault rifles (you know the guy's in for trouble when his boss turns out to be Meat Loaf). Except for the cell phone jokes, Black Dog feels like a 70's peel-out movie that Burt Reynolds turned down. Some of the wisecracks are funny, and singer Randy Travis is a riot as Swayze's reluctant partner. Still, a movie like this one needs more than six explosions to be good (PG-13). Rating: 3.


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