Playing cards: another TipJar NetToy

This directory holds image files of playing cards, suitable for use in CGI-based games. Such as this solitaire demonstration.
This service (providing the card images for free) is yet another free service provided by

The card images all have short names, two letters and then ".gif"

The first letter is rank, and is one of A23456789TJQK

The second letter us suit, and is one of hcds

The jokers are W1, W2, W3 and W4.

Too much coffee?

I would like to have the cards here be a representation of art done by artists who can be found via the www

If you are an artist and you would like to do a card, pick one of the obvious placeholders and
e-mail me to reserve it, e-mail me the gif file, your crediting link will appear here.

Currently, most of the cards were copied from Bob Lancaster's collection, or thrown together with "xpaint." All the cards on the full deck display page now have links to the web page they were copied from. Ones with no link I did myself.


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