January 31, 2024

My whole life everyone has told me I should write, like I have a good writing style or something.

My parents both went to college -- Dad was a professor even -- and I remember making a little newsletter about environmentalism and stuff when I was in first grade. I tried newslettering again fifteen years later while trying to figure out how the hell I got expelled from college, which newlsetter caused such a fuss that the administration promptly re-expelled me. 1988, such a year.

Anyhoo, this directory is going to hold like diary entries -- a blog if you will -- and my hope is that you the reader will enjoy or at least be provoked in thought.

There will probably be a folder of stuff about my business project. The business project is supposed to be my core brand, public-facing, but I'm not entirely sure if that's really the way things are going to work out. It seems that in my life nothing goes as planned. I chalk the pattern up to birth trauma. Apparently it was not clear that I was too large to be born normally until after I was crowning so the obstetrician somehow pushed me back in and did a C-section. My mother used to show me the scar below her navel. Weird and intimate, huh?

I should probably add some kind of comment/discussion feature -- have a whole Dave's Diary community -- there are other things that will get accomplished before I get around to that for sure.

Yours in authorship,

David Nicol